High Country Highland Cattle

Our Story


It started in 2008 when we bought a property in the Milawa gourmet region.  The farm is very wet in winter so we went in search of a breed of cattle that can handle the damp conditions.  Our search led us to one of the most amazing breeds of cattle in the world, Highlands. 

As a rare heritage breed we have had to slowly breed our stock numbers up on the farm as purchasing the cattle breed is limited.

The breed dwindled in popularity in Australia due to their slow growing nature in favour of fast growing cattle that can be produced at a higher frequency.  This is changing slowly as more and more consumers are becoming aware of the benefits of slow grown quality beef.

Sitting on 110 acres in the valleys of the High Country our farm produces a small herd of registered Highlands. 


They are a rugged breed that can adapt to a wide range of feed and climates. 

Did you know Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family maintain a purebred fold of Highland Cattle at

Balmoral Castle.

We are registered breeders with the Australia Highland Cattle Association


This is Guppy one of our Highland family.  She is cheeky and loves a pat when ever we are in the paddock.