"one of the oldest heritage breeds of cattle"

A young Highland cattle calf.
Meet the Fold


Let us introduce you to a beautiful breed of cattle that have grazed the pastures for centuries. Although a long way from the highlands of Scottland the breed has been in Australia since early settlement.  

About Us

We are located in the picturesque Victorian High Country

The Kyloe is a smaller style Highland cow. Many are black in colour. This is KOBE one of our main breeding cows at our Milawa farm.
This Highland calf is pure bred DNA certified.  Rare breed colour of grey which is referred to within Highland breeders as being a Dun. This is Liadan.
Highland Supreme Beef


Flavour, tenderness these are just some of the words customers and chefs have used to describe Highland beef.

Our cattle are pasture grazed for the best meat production.

Some of the most succulent beef our Highland cattle are fattened on grass to produce a well marbled meat.
Highland beef